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Hey guys how is everyone? I hope you all are doing ok. I have honestly not been ok and I will share my why and my thoughts on it. Who knows I want to be real with everyone and hopefully this will help someone else by sharing this. So here goes. I am trying to be positive with all the latest news and the shut down of salons, spas and other small businesses. This has been hard on me and a lot of fellow business owners. I hate that we as a Cosmetology and Barber Industry have not been taken seriously by some of our State Government and The Open SC Committee. This has been very upsetting, depressing, I have has feelings of anger, sadness, its just awful how we have been treated. The small businesses I am talking about the mom and pop businesses have taken a huge hit financially. I feel as though why did I go to school full time for 2 years to get 2800 plus hours of clinical training, then pass a two phase exam that included microbiology, cosmetology, rigid safety and sanitation practices to prove that I knew my craft. 'that is a privilege that very few professions have, and I take that seriously. So seriously that the state board comes in my salon, at random, and inspects my salon with a fine tooth comb. Their are major fines for noncompliance and they are not lenient. We are trained for this and prepared to protect you from infectious disease transmission from ourselves and others. We literally train for this our entire careers. Long before you worried about COVID 19, I was worried about HIV, MRSA, Staph, Strep, TB, and more. For you one of the safest places you could be is in my chair, with me. And now I'm being forced to stay at home, because I am a danger to society. This such a joke. Forcing us to stay closed is a misguided feel good measure that is protecting no one, but is bankrupting salon professionals . This has truly had me sad and angry that we as a profession have not been taken seriously and its hurting a wonderful industry. I go thru ups and downs w worrying about my business what if I fall in this battle? What business will I have left at the end of this pandemic? Starting over really scares me I have started over several times in my 20 plus year career with all the moves we have had with Mels Army career. I feel very defeated by our Governor and LLR at the moment. I am sure that I am not the only business owner with these feelings. Most of all I feel bad for my clients I am so sorry your appointments have been cancelled, and we have no re opening date so far. I hate confrontation and do not like calling clients or messaging clients several time a week to cancel with no prospected opening date, and honestly lately I have been so down in the dumps over it I have been putting it off b/c I am so upset with the thought of letting everyone down and for that I am sorry. I hope to be able to open soon. In the mean time appointments have been canceled and I will be getting InTouch with everyone and will rebook when we are notified of a opening date. Also there will be some changes to the way we run the salon, services and pricing, there are so many changes that have to be addressed and made but its gonna be amazing! Again I am sorry things are a mess and in an uproar hopefully we will all be back to some kind of normal again soon. And before I forget I am going to also be calling to the Cosmetology Board and checking in to see what I need to do about coming to meetings and stepping up for this amazing industry that means so much to me. Sorry for the long post but I wanted to reach out and I will try and post more updates on here and keep you all informed. Stay connected with me via Facebook also as I post a lot of updates daily on the Julie Baldwin Salon Facebook Page I hope you all are safe and well and I will post a hair trend or tip blog post tomorrow hopefully. The internet issues are crazy lately in this household. lol XOXO much love and blessings Julie

"Keep your Heels, Head and Standards High " Coco Chanel

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